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Thriving Partners

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In a work environment where leadership development resources may be limited, leaders at all levels are still expected to thrive and grow.

In today’s rapidly changing world, leaders are challenged as never before. They face:

Organizational changes, transitions, and turnover bringing leadership changes that create new performance expectations and new leadership styles and methods.

The need to understand and evaluate emerging technologies to increase quality, reduce cost, and increase productivity.

Uncertainty about the future of federal programs and policies.

Mergers and acquisitions dynamics, changes in care delivery, evolving compliance regulations, shifts in reimbursement, complex IT systems, and disruptions in day-to-day operations.

Shortages of skilled and qualified employees across the spectrum.

Most of these circumstances are beyond leaders’ control. They must step up to expand capacity and fill new roles without time, access, and space to focus, given the rapid volume of changes and new expectations. Even when their organization offers professional development programs that may meet their unique needs, they don’t have the time and flexibility to take advantage of them.

Why Thriving

When one person is thriving, everyone around them can thrive. The more that are thriving, the larger the circle of impact. Thriving executive coaching is an effective way to widen this circle.

Our mission is to empower leaders, teams, and organizations to perform at their peak. We help clients seize opportunities, fulfill needs, and overcome challenges using our 3-D methodology.

Coaching Value

Our master’s-prepared, Certified Executive Coach, Linda Sinisi, offers you the expertise and wisdom gained through her 40 years of experience in the healthcare industry, helping people and organizations achieve and maintain maximum effectiveness through strategy, execution, and connectedness.

What is Executive Coaching?

Executive Coaching is a method that engages adult leaders in self-desired, self-chosen, and self-directed development, having the power to create transformational change, driven by their personal and career goals.

We have established a process that is confidential and incorporates goal setting, assists leaders in uncovering strengths, honing leadership, and leading with inspiration.

Our mission is to empower leaders at all levels to perform at their peak. Our 3-D methodology – Discover, Develop, Demonstrate – can help you meet your personal and professional goals.

Thriving Services

Get personalized Executive Coaching to achieve your goals

Are you a health system or hospital CXO? A founder, an EVP, or Senior Director within a Healthcare Technology company? A leader at the senior level working for a Pharmaceutical company or a Healthcare software and consulting company? Or the leader of one or more small teams in healthcare? We offer an executive coaching package for each of these levels all billed at a flat rate per month.


Comprehensive Coaching Experience

We tailor this strategic 3-dimensional methodology, a Thriving exclusive, to your specific goals. We will work together in biweekly sessions to unlock your full potential and accelerate your transformation.

  • 1 meeting every 2 weeks  
  • Customarily a 6-month term

$300 per month

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Targeted Solutions for Focused Results

Are you facing specific challenges? Are you already set with the goals you want to achieve? New to coaching? This program is for you. In biweekly sessions we will help you work within the stage of your choosing from self-discovery, learning, and development, to execution, enabling you to develop strategies for success.

  • 1 meeting every 2 weeks
  • Customarily a 3-month term

$300 per month


Ongoing Support for Continuous Growth

If you have benefited from coaching and seek support during times of change and new challenging situations, this tier offers monthly sessions to help you continually refine your skills, optimize your strategies, and master your momentum for sustained growth.

  • 1 meeting per month
  • The program continues for as long as you desire

$150 per month

THRIVING Consulting

Organizational Support

If you believe your organization could benefit from Linda’s involvement as a consultant, please get in touch to discuss the possibilities.

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Seasoned and emerging leaders tend to be highly resourceful and adaptable. But even the most accomplished and resilient need support to navigate the rugged terrain of organizational and leadership changes, shifts in government policy, workforce shortages, and emerging technologies– all while striving to deliver the best results and achieve their organizations’ Mission, Purpose, Goals, and objectives.

Despite resource limitations, leaders are expected to perform at the highest level of competence while continually motivating and developing themselves and their teams to take on both existing and emerging challenges. We are here to help. The Thriving experience gives everyone in or touching the leader’s teams, the opportunity to flourish, grow, prosper, and thrive. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

Invoices are electronically sent via email to clients and due the day prior to each meeting, with the option for clients to pay using a credit card as well as Apple Pay. 
For corporate programs, where a client credit card payment is not available, clients are invoiced weekly, it is customary to receive payments via check. Payment terms: Net 14.
For anyone who is interested in considering executive coaching, it is helpful as a first step to review the website and to identify areas where you have specific questions, if any.  You are welcome to send your questions directly to
In addition, if you are interested in receiving a copy of the expectations and terms of engagement, please feel free to request this directly to  
A copy of the expectations and terms are provided via email to anyone requesting a chemistry meeting, prior to this meeting for your review. 
a. Review the website and identify areas where you have specific questions and work scenarios. Send your questions directly to
b. Schedule a call/appointment through the website. 
c. A copy of the expectations and terms will be sent to you via email prior to the appointment for your review. 
d. The expectation is that you will receive the answers to your questions so that you can decide what is best for you. 

The expectation with executive coaching is that if you need to and want to achieve peak performance in any work environment of your choosing, you will accomplish goal setting, goal prioritization, self discovery, self development, demonstration and ultimately achievement, in alignment with your goals.